Friendship sms Messages

WAR4U US 562 days ago
Frndshp is nt a word,Nt merely a relatnshp.Itz a silent promise sayin,”I was”,”I am”&”I wllb”…

WAR4U US 562 days ago
Best lines said by a friend“I cannot promise to solve all ur problemsbutI can only promise thatI will never let u face them alone”

WAR4U US 562 days ago
Beautiful friendship Saying:“Life can give us a number of Beautiful Friends!”But..“Only True Friends can give us a Beautiful Life…!!”One of my true friend is ‘U’

WAR4U US 562 days ago
Alone i can say bt 2gthr vcan chat,Alone i can smile bt 2gthrwe cn laugh,Alone i can live bt 2gthr we cn celebrate.Dis is d magic of r frdship.

WAR4U US 562 days ago
If you angry with ur lovaable friend,Just put aside your egosJust hug each other and say:I need u idiot at least to fight with me…

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