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Funny sms Messages

fmz.wapka.mobi IN 682 days ago
Australia ne dikha diye apne tevar.. Hairaan ho gaye anushka k dus devar.. Ab Anushka ki family mangegi ek favour... "Beti, OLX pe bechde teri shadi k zevar"

fmz.wapka.mobi IN 682 days ago
1983 and 2011, India has always won the world cup under congress government. Regards, Rahul Gandhi (From unknown location)

fmz.wapka.mobi IN 682 days ago
A beautiful girl who was staying in the hotel, puts her finger on hotel manager's lips.. Manager smiles, kisses n licks each finger one by one!! Girl: U liked it!? Manager: Oh yeah!! Girl: Now go n tell your boss that there is no tissue in the toilet!!!!!! D best way to express customer complaint

fmz.wapka.mobi IN 682 days ago
Me: Do you love me ?? She: No me: Toh apni bhen se puch le phir shayad woh karti ho thoda bahot..! *Blocked*

fmz.wapka.mobi IN 682 days ago
Bigest advantage of luv mariages, Suhagrat vale din sarmane me time waste ni hota...

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