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If you use the birth control pill — that is, an oral contraceptive — you're probably happy with its convenience and reliability. Still, you may have many questions about the potential effects of the birth control pill on your overall health.
How do pills that delay oreliminate your periodsdiffer from other birthcontrol pills?
Can you use ordinary birthcontrol pills continuouslyto prevent having aperiod?
If you plan to have a baby,how soon after stoppingthe birth control pill canyou conceive?
Is there an advantage towaiting a few monthsafter stopping the pillbefore trying to conceive?
What happens if you stoptaking the birth controlpill but your perioddoesn't resume?
Will a pregnancy test beaccurate if you're takingthe birth control pill?
What happens if you takebirth control pills whileyou're pregnant?
Can you use several birthcontrol pills at once foremergency contraception?
If you've been taking birthcontrol pills for manyyears and decide to stop,can you stop at any timeor should you finish yourcurrent pill packet?
Can you get pregnantduring the week that youtake the nonactive(placebo) pills?
Do birth control pills cause weight gain?
How do birth control pillsaffect your risk of cancer?
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