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Night time headaches: How can I get relief?

If you have nighttime headaches or headaches that awaken you from sleep, see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Treatment for nighttime headaches varies, depending on the type of headache and any underlying causes. Hypnic — or "alarm clock" — headaches, which begin only during sleep, usually awaken a person at the same time every night. It's also possible to have daytime naps interrupted by hypnic headaches. Hypnic headaches are most common after age 50. Possible treatments The exact cause of hypnic headaches isn't known, but treatments that may provide relief for some individuals include: Lithium (Lithobid) — a medication used to treat bipolar disorder Indomethacin (Indocin) — a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication Melatonin — a hormone that helps control your natural sleep- wake cycle Caffeine — taken as a tablet or beverage before bedtime There are reports of small numbers of people whose headaches respond to other agents.
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