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11. Video record Eid day events
From the time everyone wakes up in the morning till everyone conks out happily at the end of Eid day, video record this Eid to make it memorable. It will probably make a hilarious piece of family history as well. Give the responsibility for recording to one of the responsible, technologically adept members of the family.
12. Head For The Open Road!
Drive the family out into the countryside and try to get lost on some unfamiliar roads, challenging the kids to help remember the way home. (Always keep a pay-phone quarter, a map and a bag of sweets in the glove box — just in case!)
13. Visit a homeless shelter or food bank and donate your extra Eid food
Also do some Dawa by telling workers at the shelter what Eid and Ramadan are about. Bring pamphlets and other written material. The visit should remind everyone what it was like when they were hungry while fasting.
14.Share Eid with your neighbors
Make dessert (something simple that everyone likes, like chocolate cake) and write up a small decorative definition of Eid day. Share this with your neighbors.
15. Visit relatives and friends
Make it a point to visit those far away especially. There is almost no better time than Eid.
16. Make Eid evening family entertainment night
If 16-year-old Jameel knows how to play the Duff, while his sister Amira, 14, can write and sing well, let them prepare a few songs for Eid night family entertainment. Also, have 12- year-old Ridwan recite some of his best poetry. Make one of the teens in charge of this event. Help them establish a criteria of acceptable and unacceptable Halal entertainment.
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