7. Do this as you plan for new clothes
Have everyone go through their clothes and toys (for kids) to find items they have outgrown. Then arrange to have them sold through a garage sale and give the money to a local Masjid or community fundraising event. The money can also be sent to Chechnya, Palestine, Kosova, etc.
8. Wash the car
Who wants to go to Eid prayers in a dirt stained car filled with gum wrappers and cookie crumbs? And think about what will happen to everyone's nice Eid clothes sitting in a vehicle like that! Get the car clean and ready. Get everyone in on this. One person vacuums, one cleans the windows, one washes the exterior, etc. If possible get the car checked and fill up the gas tank so you don't end up with any Eid day surprises.
9. At Eid prayer, look for those who are alone and invite them over
At the Eid prayer place, where a lot of hugging goes on, you will find some Muslims standing alone. They are either new Muslims or new immigrants without relatives and friends. Do hug them and greet them. If possible invite them to your home for a meal. Also inform them of any planned Eid celebrations at any community center.
10. Go to a Muslim restaurant to eat as a family
Not only will you have a family outing on Eid day this way, but you'll be supporting a Muslim business. If the food and service are good, advertise the restaurant to your friends.
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